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The End Is Nigh


There are few things that we can be certain of in life, apart from death and taxes, it is often said. But there is one other thing I can guarantee you that is going to happen within the next few years - indeed, within the next two to three years, would be my guess. And this is that a large westernised population somewhere in the world is going to be hit very badly by Muslim terrorists. And to give you just some idea of how bad the outcome of such an attack might be, in my view, my own hope is that it takes the form of a nuclear or chemical attack - a 'dirty' bomb - rather than a biological one. Either way, the effects will be devastating, and they will impact negatively and hugely on everyone - right across the entire planet. In other words, you and your loved ones are probably heading towards a very dark world indeed.

I have already written briefly about this in my short piece entitled Eight Horrible Facts, and I really do not want to spend my time describing in detail how far-reaching and severe the consequences of just one such attack might be. But I do want to stress that the impact on our lives will be huge - and that it will be deeply unpleasant.

And you will not escape from this.

And the point of this piece is, quite simply, to urge all of you to do what you can do to counter those people in the media and in the various civil liberties groups who keep opposing policies that would allow our security services and the police to get their hands on more information about people who might be involved with, or connected to, terrorists.

I know that most people do not like the idea of government snooping into people's lives and, also, I know that some of those in government will likely abuse any further powers that we give them, but the price of not allowing our intelligence services to get their hands on what they need is going to be very high indeed.

In addition, most of the experts on terrorism know damn well that, eventually, they will be given the powers that they need, because once a big attack has taken place, peoples right across the world will be positively begging for their governments to have access to any information that might have a bearing on terrorism. And so it seems absolutely crazy for us not to give those powers to them now.

Why wait for some horrible disaster to happen before taking action?

Why wait for some horrible disaster to happen before taking action?

In the UK, we have already seen how utterly hopeless are the politicians when it comes to assessing the risks of terrorism. They could not even protect the House of Commons from an attack with purple powder by Fathers for Justice activists!

And just about everyone in the country knew at the time that Al-Quaeda would be going after governments that supported the war. Everyone knew this. And yet these absolutely unbelievable dipsticks whom we entrust with protecting us continued to allow front row seats in the House of Commons to be given to complete strangers!

And the Americans are no better. They spend billions of dollars annually on their security services and yet four relatively untrained pilots - who, almost unbelievably, learned their skills in America itself - pulled off the most spectacular terrorist attack in history on 9/11. And this was then followed by an enormously expensive war against a country that presented no threat to America and which has, for the past many years, caused nothing but a huge amount of bloodshed and misery to millions of people and which, clearly, has also increased massively the prospects of further terrorism.

we cannot trust our politicians to protect us

In a nutshell; we cannot trust our politicians to protect us. They are useless. In fact, they are worse than useless.

Furthermore, the truth of the matter is that the security services are completely unable to deal effectively with those threats that are going to arise in the future. They are understaffed, under-resourced and, quite frankly, they are not competent enough; not because they are all idiots, but because they are facing a completely new set of circumstances as a result of the development of many new technologies - technologies that will shift power very heavily in favour of terrorists.

The upshot is that they will not be able to prevent all attempted terrorist attacks. And they will certainly never be able to prevent all biological attacks, when such attacks materialise - which, eventually, they will.

And the only hope that we have of reducing the levels of catastrophe that are highly likely to arise in the near future from terrorism is to allow the security services to have quick, relatively unimpeded, access to any information that they might need about anybody.

There is no other way.

 it is no big deal to allow the security services access to such information

Furthermore, it is no big deal to allow the security services access to such information. Yes, there will undoubtedly be some abuses of power that will take place as a result of allowing them such access. But the consequences of this will be absolutely miniscule in comparison to the horrors that will occur if they are denied such access - access that they will, eventually, be granted anyway, once there has been another major terrorist attack somewhere in the west; and after which everyone will wimp around bleating about just how 'innocent' they are, and asking pathetically why no-one did anything to protect them.

Well, let me tell you something. You are not 'innocent'. 

Osama Bin Laden is quite right to say that there are no 'innocent' civilians in the west

Osama Bin Laden was quite right to say that there are no 'innocent' civilians in the west, because it is they who vote in their governments; governments that act on their behalf. And he is also quite right to point out that despite all the phony evidence and the lies concerning Iraq's WMD, westerners still voted back into office those very politicians who had, clearly, misled them - purposely or otherwise - and who had also taken them into a horrible war!

They actually voted them back in!

In other words, he is quite right to say that you are responsible for what is happening out there.

And it will be you who will be responsible if your security services fail to prevent large terrorist attacks as a result of your failure to give them the support that they need.

 I suggest that you take a good look at your children this evening

And so I suggest that you take a good look at your children this evening - maybe even your wife! And then just think for a minute or two about how miserable you are going to feel one day when you finally realise just how badly you have let down all your loved ones by failing to do anything about the horrible world that they are likely to have to face in the near future.

It's coming.

And if you are a man who is too emasculated, too intimidated, too castrated psychologically and too lazy even to try to help your loved ones to avoid a terrible future then you can forget about any notion that you are a good father, a great husband or, in fact, a great anything. 

Perhaps you had better just pray that the hundreds of thousands of people in the Middle East whose loved ones have been maimed or killed recently - for no good reason - are all just like you.

However, the evidence, thus far, rather suggests otherwise, doesn't it?

And many of them seem to be rather angry with us.

To all those who have complained about my piece the End Is Nigh (above) wherein I argue that the intelligence services must be allowed to access any information that might be relevant to terrorist attacks.

Firstly, as I have stated on numerous occasions, my belief is that the spread of information will disempower the state.

Indeed, this is exactly what is happening.

Furthermore, this is also what has happened historically. The more that information has spread, the less powerful have the more powerful ended up being.

Secondly, I am not anti-State. I am not even anti-big government. I am only anti the state when it comes to such things as dishonesty, corruption, self-servingness, incompetence, laziness, burdensome cost, over-extension of powers, political correctness, misandry, too much meddling etc etc.

And my view is that the increasing spread of information will help us to fight against such things, and, hence, bring about better government.

In principle, however, I am quite pro-government.

Thirdly, it seems to me that those of you who fear that the state is up to no good when it comes to terrorism (e.g. suspecting, for example, that the July London bombings were, in fact, the work of the British state) derive much of your evidence from the very information that you want to see blocked!

For example, in connection with this possibility, a couple of emailers have pointed out the suspicious way in which the CCTV camera aboard the London bus that was bombed seemed not to have been working at the time. But surely, if these emailers had their way, there would not have been a CCTV camera on the bus in the first place. 

Indeed, here is a quote from the JulySeventh website ...

Recent estimates about the proliferation of CCTV cameras around the world suggest that approximately 20% of all the CCTV cameras are located in Britain, with London having the most densely packed, privacy-invading CCTV network in the world, yet it has still failed to provide evidence of all four young, British men accused of the July 7th attacks actually in London.

... and so what we see here is some fairly good evidence to support their views being provided by CCTV.

Indeed, the JulySeventh website seems to regard the failure of CCTVs to capture the images of the terrorist suspects as one of the main reasons for believing that the explosions were not caused by Muslim terrorists.

But if these CCTV cameras were not there, then the people that these emailers actually fear could operate with even more impunity.

In other words, to some extent at least, these CCTV cameras help to disempower the state.

Fourthly, I and many others have been ranting and raving about the government, the politicians, the police etc etc for many years now. And yet, between us, we have barely had a peep of complaint from any of these quarters - let alone any intimidation.

In other words, whatever is going on out there, it has, thus far at least, not resulted in much in the way of 'oppression' coming from governmental sources. Indeed, the opposite seems to be happening - is happening.

no-one is going to stop this increasing spread of information

Fifthly, no-one is going to stop this increasing spread of information. It will go on and on and on and on. And, in my view, there is nothing that anyone can actually do about this in the long term. (I gave some idea of this in my piece A National DNA Database?) As such, I can see no point in fighting against the spread of information.

Why fight a battle that one is almost certainly going to be forever losing?

And, of course, when it comes to further acts of terrorism, people will be positively begging for their governments to have more access to information. And voices concerned with 'liberty' will simply be crowded out by the millions of voices of those who do not wish to see their loved ones terrorised.

 it does not really matter who actually causes the terrorism

And notice that it does not really matter who actually causes the terrorism. It could be Al-Quaeda, a mad man, or, indeed, the British state. The end result will be the same. The people will be begging for protection. And this will mean that the intelligence services will, in the end, get access to the information that they want. 

In other words, even if it was discovered that Bush and Blair were the masterminds behind 9/11 and 7/7, and that their heinous associates were now planning even more acts of terrorism, it would still be the case that the people would end up begging for more information to be handed over to those whom they think might be able to protect them.

Finally, I have no doubt that many government officials and government departments cannot be trusted, and I am all too aware of how self-serving and greedy many of those in the upper echelons tend to be. And, of course, I also want to see any corrupt people disempowered. But when I go to bed at night and think about those critters that I call organisms, it seems to me that the MM (the men's movement) does not so much need to oppose 'government', it needs to take it over.

And when it does - which it will - the information that it has access to will be very useful indeed!



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