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Men are inferior

Just one example of how the 'abuse' figures are cooked ...

Some 5% of women have Borderline Personality Disorder or something close to it. Features of this include the habitual making of false accusations of some kind of 'abuse' - often in order to seek some kind of revenge. For women with BDP, seeing oneself as a victim of someone else's actions is almost a permanent state of being. And given that some 1 million women in the UK and 5 million women in the USA have this condition, the various allegations of 'abuse' that are made every year - sex assault, domestic violence etc - are, undoubtedly, mostly the result of these women attempting to portray themselves as victims.

Furthermore, if you can believe it, the various 'data' collected on the basis of the testimony of this relatively small group of dysfunctional women is then multiplied by  incompetent academics and various government departments in order to figure out what is going on in the rest of society!

Thus, and for example, if 30% of women claim to be 'violated' every year, and 5% of women are 'dysfunctional', then these latter women would not account for much of the data.

But if, as appears to be the case, only 1% or 2% of women claim to be 'violated' every year, and 5% of women are 'dysfunctional', then the likelihood is that these 'dysfunctional' women are the ones making nearly all of the claims!

As such, 'professionals' who extrapolate the evidence gleaned from the collective testimony of these women to the rest of society are either charlatans or incompetent.

Mostly, one discovers that they are both.

"MOST of the women arriving at the refuge centres were MORE violent, even toward their children, than were the men they were supposedly escaping from." Erin Pizzey

The Boy Crisis - Warren Farrell - 10 min

Camille Paglia Part 1 & Part 2 (9 min each)

Taken into Custody - 9 min

Who calls the police the most?

"It could well be that the people who use our services most often (the mad, the drunk and the perennially self-destructive) aren’t actually the best people to judge whether we’re doing a good job or not; if only because we’ll never be able to solve their problems." David Copperfield - a UK police officer

How the statistics on 'rape' are inflated by some 2000%, ...

Rape Baloney  

The Home Office Caught Stirring Up Hatred - Again!

Ignoring Relationships In Rape

Lying About Rape

There are numerous reasons why women lie about rape and sex-assault; to gain sympathy, to seek revenge, to explain their own bad behaviour, because they are mentally unbalanced, because they have a personality disorder, because they are impulsive, hysterical, vindictive, drunk, imbued with PMS, and so on. They also make false allegations to gain some legal advantage  - e.g. in divorce situations - and, often, simply to make money.

Indeed, western governments nowadays offer so many encouragements, incentives and rewards to women for making false allegations against men - including direct financial compensation - that women now do make false allegations by the thousand

 Two Can Play ...

BBC News Presenter - made up to look like a DV victim.

"This is the shocking new campaign from Women's Aid using celebrities to highlight domestic violence, which sees two women a week killed by current or former partners."

Two women killed every week, eh?

But did you know that UK women kill 4,000 of these every week? ...

Yes indeed. Women are not the innocent angels that they commonly portray themselves to be.

(Perhaps wimmin's vociferous victim groups should take care when it comes to demonising men. After all, two can play at that game. Note, therefore, that the broken child above is not wearing make-up.)

Ooops. I almost forgot.

This isn't make-up either ...

She was beaten by two girls.

My Body My Choice

Have you noticed that women who perpetrate crimes - such as Lynddie England - are often defended by suggesting that they were the victims of abuse by their fathers.

Rarely do we hear them being defended on the grounds that they were abused by their mothers.

This is very strange; because the overwhelming evidence - found in the government statistics published in the UK, America, Canada and Australia - is that almost twice as many children are abused by their mothers as are abused by their fathers; e.g. see NSPCC Exposed Yet Again


AH's Page One Girls; a la Google, ...

Beatrix Campbell

Harriet Harman

Kirsty Wark


Behind every successful man ... ...

When a successful man is divorced by his wife, she is commonly assumed by the judge to have contributed to his success and is, therefore, entitled to a considerable portion of his wealth.

But, surely, his secretary, his colleagues and his employees have contributed far more than has she.

And, of course, when a man is unsuccessful - perhaps being convicted of a crime - why is it not assumed that his wife must have contributed to this? - and, hence, should pay for some of the consequences.




Fathers For Justice

Men's Rights




Interview With Zed Many of you know that man today as Zed. And though he has been known by other names, his writings have taken him to iconic status in the minds of many men who have been at this for a while, this writer included. Paul Elam

Feminist Gulag: No Prosecution Necessary Feminist ideology has radicalized criminal justice and eroded centuries-old constitutional protections: New crimes have been created; old crimes have been redefined politically; the distinction between crime and private behavior has been erased; the presumption of innocence has been eliminated; false accusations go unpunished; patently innocent people are jailed without trial. Prof Baskerville

The Fatherless Civilization The absence of fatherhood has created a society full of social pathologies, and the lack of male self-confidence has made us easy prey for our enemies. If the West is to survive, we need to reassert a healthy dose of male authority. In order to do so we need to roll back the welfare state. Perhaps we need to roll back some of the excesses of Western Feminism, too. Jonathan Elinoff


Men Lost The Battle Of The Sexes The much ballyhooed "battle of the sexes" was over even before it had begun. Our side not only lost, we never even fired a shot. We mustn't feel bad because we never had a chance.



Feminists Want To Close The Entitlement Box? Much like the Nazis believed the Jewish race to be inferior and oppressive of the Aryan race, feminists believe that men are morally and intellectually inferior and oppressive of women, as a universal truth. Remasculation

Men's Rights shall not even require the same time and effort which feminism expended on its objectives, because those structures - legal, political, social and moral - which have been used to entrench female privilege are now already in place. They can simply be put to use in a different direction, on seemingly the same rationale: equality. The very same laws and regulations which artificially elevated women's status may end up being used to bring them back down again.

Well, let's hope so!

The Estrogen Recession Are men to blame for the economic crash?
That’s become a popular theme in the press
. Steven Sailer

So, who bought houses and home improvements they couldn’t afford in the first place?

Ordinary people.

And who, on the whole, were those ordinary people who insisted on buying too much house?


Good read! It is women who are responsible for the world-wide economic crisis because they have been out shopping and spending all our money.

About The New World Order - "Fight The New World Order with Global Non Compliance" - Google Video - 27 min

The Campus Rape Myth The reality: bogus statistics, feminist victimology, and university-approved sex toys. Heather MacDonald - 20 min




Is Feminism a Hate Movement? To remove man-hating from feminism would be to extract the DNA nucleus from a living cell, the fuel rod from a reactor, the teeth from a rottweiler. Fidelbogen

(An old piece, but a very important one, courtesy of Amfortas.)

The argument is that, at the very least, feminism can only remain significantly supported if a fairly high level of antipathy towards men can be maintained.

As such, it is a hate movement.

Now, if this is true - and I firmly believe that it is - then MRAs need to destroy feminism.

Not just radical feminism; but all of it.




Witch Hunt By Sean Penn Executive Producer Sean Penn proudly presents "Witch Hunt," a gripping indictment of the United States justice system told through the lens of one small town.

It's John Stoll's story, but it's also the story of dozens of other men and women who found themselves ensnared in a spiral of fear, ignorance and hysteria. These people are Americans, working class moms and dads, who were rounded up with little or no evidence, charged and convicted of almost unimaginable crimes. All sexual. All crimes against children




Nice Guys .....don't sweat the college years and early 20's. Trust me, these chicks will be sweating you soon enough and if you have your sh*t together it feels good to blow them off with a laugh.

Recover from your nice guy ways, get a good career and some self respect, and these chicks will be begging for a little of your attention in a few years. You just have to learn to be an a*shole that doesn't care. The proudest moment of my life occurred not too long ago when a chick told me I was the biggest as*hole she had ever met and to never call her again. Two days later she was on her knees blowing me. Life gets good. Trust me.

NiceGuy's site seems to be doing well.

Fudging The Evidence On how governments, academics and even organisations such as the UN and the WHO purposely tell lies about domestic violence and other feminist propaganda issues. Murray Strauss - a social science researcher who has seen first-hand how the books are cooked, and who describes how academics are threatened in various ways if they do not bend their evidence to promote man-hatred.  LINK NOW FIXED
The Dangerous Rise of Sexual Politics Divorce demonstrates how the hoax of paternal abandonment is an optical illusion, for today it is not fathers who are abandoning both their marriages and their children en masse. A glance at our social infrastructure reveals that, under feminist influence, it is mothers. Stephen Baskerville - 40 min - slightly 'academic'

We have created a panoply of mechanisms and institutions allowing divorcing mothers to rid themselves, temporarily or permanently, of inconvenient children: “safe havens” have legalized child abandonment by mothers; daycare is tailored to the needs of mothers, not children; foster care relieves single mothers who cannot provide basic care and protection; “CHINS” petitions allow single mothers to turn over unruly adolescents to the care and custody of social workers; “SIDS” and in some countries infanticide laws have even made the murder of children semi-legal. And then of course there is abortion.

Rape ...

... It is well documented that feminist crime lab technicians fabricate and doctor evidence to frame men they know to be innocent. Yet there has been no systematic investigation by the media or civil libertarians as to why so many innocent citizens are regularly incarcerated on fabricated allegations and evidence. 

What Has Money Got To Do With It? Every day there is news of jobs lost and businesses closing. These lost jobs and closed businesses are not being replaced by new jobs and businesses. Unemployment is increasing. Only two years ago our situation was not like this. What has changed? Why are we heading steadily into a depression? What is the cause? Arian Nevin

Ass Shot Lands Dude In Deep Trouble Since romance is in the air, what better time to examine how the law has a nasty habit of curtailing men's rights in the name of catering to the whims of women? Enrique

If you are afraid to speak against tyranny, then you are already a slave. 

To attempt to silence a man is to pay him homage, for it is an acknowledgement that his arguments are both impossible to answer and impossible to ignore. 



Adam Kokesh - when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty - 10 min

on Governments Willfully Breaking Down Families

Minister Ronald Smith - 4 min

Obama The Communist Obama will call on citizens of all ages to serve America, by developing a plan to require 50 hours of community service in middle school and high school and 100 hours of community service in college every year.


Will Obama bomb/invade Pakistan, Burma, Zimbabwe and Sudan thus bringing about WWIII? ...

The Men behind Barack Obama - Part 1 - YouTube video in two parts - 10 min each


Alex Jones Interviews Robert Baer - Part 1 - YouTube video in three parts - 10 min each.

Robert Baer, one of the highest ranking CIA officers on the ground in CIA history, literally with James Bond freedoms and responsibilities, speaks openly about his beliefs on Iran, 9/11, and other geopolitical forces and shakeups in the horizon.

NewFathers4Justice Website - the latest saga!

Don't Grandparents Count? "When I read of the antics of Fathers 4 Justice, I can wholly sympathise with them."


Disgusting adverts put out by the Dallas Area Rapid Transit.

You can complain here, ...


As is typical these days, the authorities wish to attract the attention of even 8 year-olds in order to indoctrinate children at a very early age into believing that all men are violent abusers.

Newcomers who are too stupid to see why these adverts are so disgusting might like to think about how women would feel if, in an attempt to cut down on prostitution, the adverts said something like, ...

"One day I am going to be a slut."

"When I grow up, I will be a whore."

Those adverts are disgusting. Please email the culprits.

Earl Henry Sholley He is barely acknowledged by leaders of his own party. He's lost all four previous bids for office. And his passion for fathers' rights, as well as his own domestic problems, landed him in jail in the 1990s.

Harry Crouch on false accusations - 9 min

slow to start - but gets much better!

Protest Against Take Back The Night - video 90 sec
on self harm ...

Dear Professor O'Connor

I notice a couple of reports in the media today about your research to do with self harm amongst youngsters. 

For example, see ...

In both cases, it appears that you have concluded from your work that young females are more likely to self harm than young males.

I think that you are very much mistaken in this belief. For example, see ...


Furthermore, there is no mention of the fact that, when it comes to suicide, young males are far more often the victims than are young females.

Was it you who failed to mention this - perhaps for reasons of political correctness and funding - or was it the media?

After all, since the trouble was taken to mention the alleged (but incorrect) fact that young females self harm more so than young males, it seems rather strange to leave out the fact that it is mostly young males who commit the most serious self-harming of all.

Best wishes,


webmaster at 

F4J Trooping The Colour - video 2 min - thanks to 'Batman' Tony Ashby and 'Spiderman' Nigel Ace


Rethinking Fathers' Rights Much of what's wrong with family law today lies in warmed-over stereotypes of men as unsuited to caring for their children. Dahlia Lithwick

Not a bad piece - but it contains a fundamental error.

Lionizing Clark Rockefeller, or other violent, lawless fathers will not promote fathers' rights or fix the family-court system. It merely perpetuates the same outdated ideas about fatherhood and fathers that have tainted the family-law system for too long.

The feminists in the UK have even 'lionised' female murderers like Sara Thornton, Emma Humphreys and Kiranjit Ahluwalia with much success Indeed, the latter was even given an award for murdering her husband by Tony Blair's wife! And there was even a Hollywood film recently that praised her actions.

Furthermore, these three murdering women are still lauded today - many years after their crimes; e.g. see the BBC's recent piece Spotlight on domestic abuse laws.

(For some further insight into these three women, however, see my piece Woman Sentenced to Firing Squad For Husband's Slaying.)

And if you read the BBC piece, do not be bamboozled by the description of Joseph McGrail. 

Everyone who knew this man said that he had suffered years of serious violent abuse at the hands of his vicious wife, and that he was a very quiet, gentle and timid man who never even argued back - unlike the three women above. 

An excellent review of this most fantastic website ...

Письмо и ответ на него взяты с сайта

Уважаемый AH 

Я как отец-одиночка (да, я сказал отец-одиночка) двух подростков, имею непосредственный опыт общения с мужененавистнической системой, насквозь пропитавшей наши общественные учреждения, в первую очередь Социальный Сервис.

Yep. Good point!

... Увы, AH, я вынужден не согласится с вами по одному очень фундаментальному вопросу. Я не верю, что положение улучшается. Я даже уверен, что будет намного хуже, перед тем как станет лучше. Мы уже 30 лет живем при феминизме, а они "зарывают" . Их пропаганда и ложь в наше время - форма публичной политики, а их ненависть преподается в наших школах и университетах. Они заправляют

Excellent analysis!

I thank you most kindly.



(Nope: I haven't got a clue what it says. But I'll bet that it's good!)

From Denis ...

Without smart and productive men America is finished. We have almost 40% out of wedlock births now. Greater than that in some communities (70+% in Black community; almost that in Hispanic communities-combined Blacks + Hispanics make up a large and growing percentage of the total population). This means greater and greater government spending to support a growing segment of the population that is made up of single-parent households. There are costs associated with increased poverty, increased crime. More taxation at a time when the elderly population is beginning to explode. Combining retired seniors and a large underclass and we are talking about a HUGE and entrenced unproductive drag on the economy that comes at the same time in history when America is facing stiff competition by global competitors. India and China each produce many times more engineers and scientists than the U.S. does. America cannot live off past accomplishments forever. The costly and unproductive direction that America's culture is going is unsustainable in the face of this stiff competition. America NEEDS men who are smart, productive, and have a vested interest in the society. To have vested interests men have to be first class citizens with rights, justice, and fairness. Damaging men's position in society will only guarantee a much worse future for EVERYONE. When the writing is on the wall and everyone else finally sees what is in store, they will all be looking for smart, productive men.

Young Chimps Exhibit Sex Differences In Toys Researchers observed young male monkeys spent more time playing with vehicles than with cuddly toys.

Their conclusion contradicts those of the dominant psychological theory that the preference of boys for vehicles and toy soldiers and that of girls for dolls is down to social rather than innate influences.

Social Science Manual Suggests Deifying Women By substituting goddesses for gods, we sanction the legitimate preeminence of women. Erica Carle - thanks to Rob at No-Maam

Israeli Fathers Increase Protests Fathers and children rights custody groups in Israel protesting gender bias discrimination in court custody cases have intensified their public demonstrations.

Canadian Father's Rights Advocate Loses Defamation Suit A B.C. fathers' rights advocate has lost a defamation suit over a report he said portrayed him as "hate-monger."

"How can a supposedly 'scientific report' be both defamatory and 'fair comment'? I'm not a lawyer, but I don't get it."

Hmm. It's very simple really.

The Canadian judges are corrupt.

Perhaps Ken will finally wake up to the fact that when it comes to hurting men, there is no law to protect them. They can be hurt or defamed with impunity.

And the corrupt judges - who have got to be some of the lowest human beings serving in public office these days - will not lift a finger to help them.

MRAs Activating In The Guardian Newspaper

Some of AH's most experienced MRAs are now doing some very good work indeed in the comment section of the Guardian newspaper - which, at the moment, seems to be allowing a wide range of opinions to be expressed.

Both rightists and leftists seem to be fairly free to say what they wish.

So, please join them by popping along on occasion to burst those feminist balloons. 

Title IX For Maths & Science Why do women avoid classes like Math 55? Why, in fact, are there so few women in the high echelons of academic math and in the physical sciences? Christina Hoff Sommers - 15 min

American men are now going to be heavily discriminated against in the fields of science and maths, so that less able - and less enthusiastic - women are given the jobs.

So, prepare to watch American science and maths go down the tubes compared to the rest of the world.

And, of course, millions of poor Americans are going to be losing millions of valuable tax dollars so that their government can subsidise a relatively small number of privileged middle-class women who believe that their poorer performance in science and maths is due to discrimination.

Indeed, it is already the case that most women who fly high in their careers these days are only flying high because affirmative action procedures have been employed to promote them. And the argument that women have to be better than men in order to reach the same levels in their careers is no more than the  customary feminist lie. Indeed, the very opposite is true.

It is men who nowadays have to be much more capable than women in order to reach the same levels.

Notice also that because men have to be much more capable than women in order to pass through their various career hoops, the differences in capability between men and women at every stage in the process will tend to get wider; which means that more and more discrimination against men has to be applied the higher up the career ladder one goes. (A bit of maths will demonstrate this fact; e.g. see Is the Training of Women Doctors A Waste of Money? and A Permanent Gender War?)

Historic Gathering Of Fathers Rights Groups - Israel The leaders of several fathers and children rights groups in Israel met this week in a historic summit of solidarity. Over 20 executive directors of father's, family and children rights groups met in Petach Tikva, Israel last Sunday evening to coordinate a nationwide campaign to reverse making divorced dads into visitors.

The Woman Racket 

Amazon USA, UK (paperback)

Steve Moxon's first book, The Great Immigration Scandal, led to the resignation of the immigration minister, Beverley Hughes. But immigration was never his primary interest: he joined the Home Office in order to study its HR policy, as part of a decade-long investigation of men-women relations. Not withstanding its provocative title, The Woman Racket is a serious scientific investigation into one of the key myths of our age that women are oppressed by the patriarchal traditions of Western societies. Drawing on the latest developments in evolutionary psychology, Moxon finds that the opposite is true men, or at least the majority of ordinary males have always been the victims of deep-rooted prejudice. As the prejudice is biologically derived, it is unconscious and can only be uncovered with the tools of scientific psychology. The book reveals this prejudice in fields as diverse as healthcare, employment, family policy and politics.

And here is an endorsement of the book by none other than Bernard C himself. (video - 10 min)

+ Bernard has a short (written) interview with Steven Moxon.

I often get the impression when reading about the fact that men are highly competitive that their competitiveness is somehow deemed to be directly related to their wish to attract desirable females. The implication is often that men are forever scuttling around the place competing with each other simply in order to attract females - a bit like male deer locking antlers in order to determine which gets the hareem.

But I am afraid that I just cannot see this.

For example, when you watch 8 year old boys glued to their video games, desperately trying to beat their opponents, they are not competing for the attention of any females. On the contrary, as far as they are concerned, females are mostly decidedly uninteresting.

And the millions of men who are obsessed with sport are certainly not engaging in such competitive activities in order to attract women.

Au contraire.

Such interests seem to have the opposite effect on women.

Similarly, men who are devoted musicians, scientists, artists, sportsmen, politicians etc etc etc etc and who spend so much of their lives labouring at their various occupations seem hardly to be doing any of these things in order to attract women. Once again, if anything, they are alienating themselves from women by devoting so much of their energies to such pursuits.

So, while it might well be the case that men have evolved to be competitive because this quality, by enhancing survival prospects, was evolutionarily significant, it does not seem to me that this competitiveness is mostly used by men as a way of attracting women. Indeed, it seems to do the opposite.

Women, themselves, are certainly more attracted to 'higher-ranking' men, but it simply does not follow that men are pursuing these higher ranks mostly in order to attract women.

My belief is that men are, indeed, competitive because it is 'fun' for them, and because they very much like to master those aspects of the world with which they have chosen to engage. But in most of these situations, women are very much at the periphery of their minds.

In other words, neither Beethoven nor Shakespeare composed their numerous great works to attract women.

And I think that it is a big mistake to assume that because men desire women greatly and that men are competitive with each other, it follows that men compete with each other in order to attract women.

In my opinion, they mostly do not do this. 

Indeed, my belief is that men would happily compete with each other for years on end even if there was not a single woman in sight; and, of course, married men are also highly competitive even when they have no inclination - or possibility - to stray.

Brief History Of Political Correctness - presented by William Lind - video - 20 min
California Alliance For Families & Children - good site for American MRAs
Red Ken Livingstone's New Diversity Plans Furious business leaders last night condemned an "intrusive" questionnaire that requires them to reveal how many gays and transsexuals they employ. - probably only of interest to Brits. 

And for any UK readers who remain unconvinced about the gradual takeover of the country by communists who seek to control just about everything, here is a link to the recent CH4 Dispatches programme which reveals that Ken Livingstone's closest cronies in London's government (who were hired by Livingstone and who get paid £130,000/annum by the taxpayer) were once part of a group called Socialist Action - something that they nowadays try to hide. This group strongly believes in communist government - with themselves being the leaders of it, of course. This is part of the preamble to their website ...  "As socialists we seek to understand the theory of Marxism, but as an activist group, we also seek to put those ideas into practice. That's why on this site you'll find everything from the writings of Leon Trotsky, to the latest on the struggle to defend abortion rights." 

Zeitgeist - A film looking at how so often we are fooled by the powers-that-be. 1hr 50min

The film is in three parts and outlines how 'the people' have been grossly deceived in three main areas - religion, war and the economy.

The first seven minutes or so of the film were so over-dramatic and over-long for my tastes that I nearly gave up watching - but I held out - and I ended up enjoying the film very much.

And, while on the subject of 'conspiracies', I feel impelled to state that I have no doubts at all that such things happen, that they are often 'large', and that they are often carried out by some very powerful groups who are serving their own interests at the expense of everyone else.

In most instances, of course, I do not have enough detailed knowledge to decide whether or not the specific claims about various conspiracies are valid. I just have to make some judgements about the people who are making these claims.

But, in some cases, I do, actually, have the expert knowledge required to come to some very informed conclusions about what is, and has been, going on. For example, when it comes to the various machinations of the feminists and their friends in the abuse industry and the government etc etc, I am absolutely certain that we are being positively deluged with lies - and, further, that the main aim of these lies is to break apart as much as possible the close relationships that people might have with each other - mostly in order to benefit those in the higher echelons of government.

The above film does not deal with this particular area, but it is not difficult to see how the breaking down of people's close relationships ties in with what the film does claim.

Finally, I must point out - yet again! - that MRAs who are concerned about such things should not waste their time trying to get their politicians to do something about them. Nearly all the politicians who get to the top of the tree and stay there are corrupt to the core. And if, indeed, any of them were to be foolish enough to pick up the banner for men's rights at this particular point in time, then they would rapidly lose a large percentage of the female vote, they would quickly be shunned by the mainstream media and their own colleagues in government, and they would, therefore, swiftly disappear from view.

The media are the key to the success of the MM - but not just the mainstream. And, thankfully, some 80% of active political activists (writers, journalists, musicians, comedians, etc) are men. And it is these men that the MM needs mostly to get on board.

Well, that's my view!

BBC's 9/11 Distortions 911 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy - new documentary by Adrian Connock and David Shayler about the BBC's selective and distorted 911 coverage. With particular reference to the Conspiracy Files programme aired on BBC Two on February 18th 2007. - video - 1hr 20min
Book Review: "Fathers 4 Justice: The Inside Story" Steven Svoboda
Aaron Russo Interview - video - 10 min - a shortened version of the interview (filmed just before his death) where Aaron Russo (big-time movie producer) talks about the 'bogus' war on terror and the main reasons why the Rockefellers funded feminism with millions of dollars.

Notice that he also talks about the Council for Foreign Relations. This is a hugely influential organisation that masquerades as being concerned about world matters in general, but which, in reality, is mostly concerned about spreading communism throughout the world so that those in the governing elite can be empowered even more so than is already the case.

 Psychopaths In Business And Politics Masters of manipulation, it is estimated that approximately only 1 percent of the general population are psychopaths. Yet their numbers are overrepresented in business, politics, law enforcement agencies, law firms and the media, according to research done by Dr. Robert Hare, at the University of British Columbia and his colleague, Dr. Paul Babiak.

(Robert Hare is probably the world's leading expert on psychopathy.)

Endgame - The New World Order - a video by Alex Jones - 2hr 20min - direct download link here.
We Want Our Country Back - lecture by MEP Ashley Mote - 2 hours - probably only of interest to Brits. 

A great lecture about the corruption and self-serving nature of the EU. 

For a short period of time - about 40 minutes of the way through the lecture - Ashley allows questions from the audience and his lecture gets sidetracked slightly; but bear with it, because he is soon back in action again. 

(PS Here is John Trenchard's blog exposing some more of the huge extent of Common Purpose - a well-funded group that promotes the EU in somewhat clandestine fashion.)

A question that often arises in MRA discussions about secretive pro-big government organisations like Common Purpose and, of course, the associated forces that seek to bring about World Government - the New World Order! - is how this will effect the gender issue questions that the MM often address.

And, in my view, a New World Order would, in fact, be very beneficial from the point of view of men's rights (vis-a-vis those of women) though it would be somewhat deleterious to the well-being of people as a whole.

It would be deleterious for all the reasons that communism itself is deleterious to the well-being of people - something that has been well demonstrated throughout history - with the main reason for this being that communism brings about enormous corruption, arrogance, dishonesty and greed in the very people who have the most power; especially once they get used to it and, thence, feel entitled to it.

But - strangely enough - it would also be beneficial from the point of view of men's rights (vis-a-vis those of women) because if there is only one world government on the planet then there will be no escape from it. And where there is no escape, weaker groups tend to succumb much more readily to stronger groups.

One only has to look at the History books to see how forces that have existed outside of a group have so often had to be employed in order to curtail the excesses ('the unfairness') that had been established within it.

But if no outside group exists, then the power structures within a group simply become more and more entrenched.

There is nothing to oppose them.

And when it comes to gender relationships, 'women' in a one-world situation are just not going to have much in the way of bargaining power; indeed, they will end up having hardly any bargaining power at all - because, quite simply, apart from their reproductive capacities (shortly to be surpassed by various technologies) there is precious little that women can do that men cannot do better - much better in most of the areas that are considered to be 'important' by most people.

As such, women must be out of their minds to support the feminists and their big-government loving friends. 

The Communist Conspiracy Is Alive - a video lecture by Brian Gerrish - 2 hours

Common Purpose is a secretive charity that channels EU funds and your tax money - millions of pounds worth - into providing help up the career ladder only to those people who will support the EU agenda of breaking down individual countries.

These 'chosen' people - mostly government officials - can then, basically, serve themselves most handsomely by betraying their countries and their countrymen by selling their services, their support and our information to a foreign organisation - the EU - that seeks power over the UK and over other countries.

In essence, Common Purpose is a secret club - a club of traitors. And in the above lecture, Brian Gerrish exposes - with much evidence - just how huge and powerful is this secret club.

Brian Gerrish is not an MRA. He has probably not even heard of the MM. But MRAs will be shocked at what he has uncovered about the machinations of those who aspire to be part of the 'governing elite'. And what he says will resonate very strongly with readers familiar with this website.

These people want to empower themselves. They are already in government positions. And by undermining and disorienting the population and, in particular, men and their families - i.e. by causing societal 'disharmony' - they intend to empower themselves much further.

Essentially, those who work in government have found a way of empowering themselves at the expense of their very own people. By causing dysfunction and disharmony throughout their very own countries, they can fool the public into supporting increases of their own powers under the guise that they are attempting to 'solve the problems' - the very problems that they, themselves, created.

Regular readers of this website will already know that there is an enormous amount of circumstantial evidence on this very website that attests to the notion that something deeply sinister has been taking place over the past few decades in respect of the way in which - in so many areas - western governments seem to have done their very best to cause serious problems to their very own people in order to empower themselves.

Brian Gerrish gives you some further insight into how this is being done.

Serious UK MRAs must view this video. It is not riveting, and a bit slow at times, but it is well worth the time.

Non-UK MRAs can also benefit from watching this video because they can be sure that the very same type of self-serving treachery is going on all over the world at the moment.

For Brits ...

I have just watched a lecture by David Samuel on the EU and the immigration problem.

It is a fine lecture.

But what really exasperated me was how he ended it.

He said something like; "I cannot understand why our politicians are co-operating with this ridiculous immigration policy," - or words to that effect.

But, to me, the answer is blatantly OBVIOUS.

The politicians are doing this because they are benefitting ****THEMSELVES**** by supporting EU immigration policies.

By supporting the EU, politicians will get millions of pounds worth of support for their parties and oodles of positive publicity - directly and indirectly - from the HUGE resources of the EU; and, possibly, if they play their cards right, a fine career at a later stage in their lives and an extremely handsome pension.

The EU is a gravy train for them.

Of course, not all politicians are dishonest, self-serving and corrupt. But those who succeed in getting to the top- and staying there - are corrupt to the core.

There is no other way of getting to the top.

Honesty will get you nowhere.

And the main reason that a communist/Marxist agenda so often appears to be behind what these people are up to is that those who work for government ***AND*** who seek to empower themselves is exactly what 'communism' is about!

Indeed, this is why people like Gordon Brown nowadays end up being Prime Minister. He is a communist (e.g. see my piece The Young Parasite - Gordon Brown) and his clear aim is to empower government at the expense of the people - and so the hugely powerful machine of 'government' (and this now includes the power of the EU) whirrs into action - on numerous well-hidden fronts - and makes damn sure that he gets the job.

Of course, in some sense, the politicians are competing with each other in their greedy scramble for personal wealth and power but, for the most part, they are on the same side - the side of bigger and more powerful government; i.e. themselves. And this is why there is barely a difference nowadays between the Labour Party and the Tories.

Protesting Women Post Their Knickers Women around the world are sending their knickers to Burmese embassies to protest against the country's brutal regime.

Burma's iron-fisted - yet superstitious - military junta believe touching lady's underwear will "rob them of power".

Hmm. I think they have a point!

But, on a more serious note, this is a form of protest that I still believe that men should engage in - hence the images of underwear that have sat at the top of most of the pages of this website for the past few years.

I am not going to write a detailed piece about this again - given all the flak and the jeering that I received the last time - but I will simply reiterate my belief that if men learned to 'post their pants' en masse to those organisations that deserved to receive them, then this would be one of the simplest and most effective forms of activism that I can think of.

Indeed, I think that it would have a huge impact.

The Fathers Rights Movement In order to better see where the fathers’ rights movement should go, it needs to think about where it has been and where it is now. For this reason, I present my own initial draft outline of the major phases of the fathers’ rights movement. Roger Gay

(I think that the first comment following the article is highly intelligent and particularly astute!)

New Israeli Knesset Fathers Rights Subcomittee In Action A new Knesset subcommittee for fathers' rights in divorce and child-custody proceedings held its first meeting Monday.

Moshe Aberjil, who heads one of the fathers’ rights groups present at the meeting, complained that the Welfare Ministry’s forms are all worded with gender inflections that are only suitable for complaints of violence carried out by men, when it has been clearly shown that female domestic violence is a reality. Other representatives alleged that police do not follow up on complaints filed by men, indicating an order from above not to pursue such investigations.

Weasel Words? "I'm a father and that's what matters most. Nothing matters more than that. Nothing!!" Gordon Brown

Lady Hale, in a judgment made in the Court of Appeal on the 13th February 2003, stated: "Father should be satisfied with 1 day of contact per year. Father should appreciate that any happy contact, no matter how brief, no matter how infrequent, is of benefit to the children."

Fathers Rally Fathers' rights movements appear to be gaining strength and popularity across the country.

And now, here is some Maths ...

I quote my good self; ...

... around 5% of the population are either socially and/or emotionally highly dysfunctional.

Therefore, where children are brought up by single parents, some 5% of these parents are going to be highly dysfunctional.

Indeed, because highly dysfunctional adults are the very ones most likely to end up as single parents, the percentage of those children with single parents who are highly dysfunctional must be quite high - probably many times higher than 5% ...

Nevertheless, sticking with the overall 5% figure just to make the point, the probability of children ending up solely in the hands of dysfunctional parents drops from around 5% (for children of single parents) to around 0.5% when two parents are around.

As such - and to generalise - whatever dysfunctional traits, harmful to children, that one considers that parents might have, it is clearly the case that one of the very best ways of protecting children from the effects of them is for children to have TWO parents!

UK MRAs wanted for TV programme ...

Dear Harry,

I apologise for contacting you out of the blue but I am researching a new TV programme and wondered if you could help...

I am hoping to make a new programme about people who feel a sense of dislike towards, or are uncomfortable with, members of the opposite sex and/or gender-specific movements (feminism etc).

As one of the most-linked anti-feminist bloggers, [did he say 'one of the most-linked anti-feminist bloggers'? Huh! This man needs a lesson or two on how to flatter far more effusively a man of my most magnificent stature!] I wondered if you could write a piece on your blog about what I'm looking for and encourage people to get involved.


Many thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.


So, there you go, Boys - and Girls. Here is your chance to let rip and have a really good moan about all those horrible feminist wimmin out there. Show them no mercy. Eat them alive. Squash 'em like pesky bugs.

Rip out their throats. Stomp on their heads. And then whack their behinds till they blister and burn.

Saw them in half. Boil them in oil. Pulverise them with ... 

Goodness, I don't know what came over me.

I feel faint.

But, before I pass out, if you've got nothing better to do - and, let's face it, if you're hanging around here then you clearly have got nothing better to do - then email Andy and check out the angles. 

Corvee - Forced Labour Corvée (forced) labour is a phenomenon as old as civilization, and has led directly to the deaths of tens of millions of people throughout history. Overwhelmingly, males have been targeted. 20 min

Ah yes. Those were the days when women had it worse than men.

Women Are Mostly The Aggressors In Domestic Violence  When it comes to nonreciprocal violence between intimate partners, women are more often the perpetrators.

In fact, 71 percent of the instigators in nonreciprocal partner violence were women. This finding surprised Whitaker and his colleagues, they admitted in their study report.

A Culture Of Lies The state is now an enemy. Giving more money to the state isn’t going to solve any problems since it is no longer willing or able to serve you. It is merely interested in extracting more money from you for doing less and less, and for sustaining its bureaucratic machinery through projecting the illusion that it is still there to protect the interests of its citizens. Fjordman - a must read for Brits.
Excellent piece by William Lind on Rob's Blog ...

Cultural Marxism Sometime during the last half-century, someone stole our culture. Just 50 years ago, in the 1950s, America was a great place. It was safe. It was decent. Children got good educations in the public schools. Even blue-collar fathers brought home middle-class incomes, so moms could stay home with the kids. Television shows reflected sound, traditional values.

Where did it all go? How did that America become the sleazy, decadent place we live in today – so different that those who grew up prior to the '60s feel like it's a foreign country? Did it just "happen"?

Research on Assaults By Women - This bibliography examines 196 scholarly investigations: 153 empirical studies and 43 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners. The aggregate sample size in the reviewed studies exceeds 177,100. Martin Fiebert - updated in January 2007
Please Set Up Your Own Blogs

It is clearly the case that many of you who visit this most fabulous of websites are more than just 'readers'. Some of you are very active indeed. And if you are one of the latter then please start thinking about setting up your own blog(s). 

Blogs are not difficult to set up, and once you get used to the way in which they operate, they are very easy to run.

I use Google's Blogger for my various blogs and you can find out more about Google blogs here.

You do not have to be a keen writer to run a blog. Indeed, some blogs just contain links to articles of interest, and the blogger author makes no comment on them. And some of them contain almost nothing but pictures accompanied by various links which lead to sites wherein one can view more pictures - usually of the same kind.

Furthermore, simply acquiring the ability to set up and run blogs is very empowering. Apart from the fact that blogs are good vehicles for disseminating your point of view, learning to deal effectively with this new technology will likely benefit you in numerous ways in the future; e.g. see Run Your Own Website? - which also applies to blogs nowadays. 

You also do not need to put your blog on view to the general public. (Indeed, apart from my two websites, I currently run five blogs - but you can only see three of them - Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Subterfuge!) In other words, if you are worried that you will make a pig's ear of the whole process, or that people might think that you are a twit - or something - then you can always keep your blog accessible to your eyes only until you have got it into shape.

I am also fairly certain that running a blog is good for your mental and, hence, physical health. For example, rather than sitting at home fuming over yet another outrageous episode and developing hyper-stress and ulcers over it, blowing off that steam and telling others about it is very cathartic indeed.

Finally, once you get used to it, you can post up material very quickly indeed. For example, it takes me less than 2 minutes to lift a paragraph from a newspaper, paste the link over it, and send the new blog piece to the web. It is only if I decide to pontificate over the matter that it will take me any longer than this.

(Also see, ... Writing Emails to Online Authors and Media Journalists)

Some quotes from Jack Kammer's fabulous ebook (or paperback) entitled - If Men Have All The Power ... 

We know that female power exists because women are not our slaves. They must be using something quite potent to counteract all the terrible powers and tendencies women say we have.

What is the power that gives a 115-pound woman the audacity to jump in the face and give endless grief to a 220-pound man, when no 115-pound man would dare to do the same?

If, as they claim, women dress to impress other women, not to attract men, are we supposed to believe that they get breast implants to impress other women too?

If a woman ends a marriage, she is putting an end to a stifling and oppressive relationship. If a man ends a marriage, he is abandoning his family.

Men's typical style of sexual harassment is like a pushy salesmen who won't take No for an answer. Women's high-volume sexual harassment is like a junk mailer who gives you no way to get off the mailing list.

UK Promises Huge Cut In Carbon Emissions Environmental groups will be able to take future Governments to court if they fail to live up to this one's promise to cut Britain's carbon emissions, under a Climate Change Bill published today

The government is, apparently, very concerned about 'the environment'. But notice than none of the government's proposals include anything that encourages people to live together - an obvious social policy that could cut very dramatically the emissions of carbon dioxide. On the contrary, the government is doing the very opposite; i.e. discouraging people from living together.

But Tony Blair and the members of his cabinet, together with many European politicians, have stated over and over again that the issue of global warming is the most important issue of our times.

But, if they really believed this, then, surely, they would head straight towards a social policy that would have a dramatic effect on greenhouse gas emissions. And encouraging people to live together (e.g. by getting married) would help to do this.

So, what is going on?

How can it be that these politicians believe that global warming will lead to catastrophe, and yet they continue to ignore an obvious social policy that would help significantly to prevent this?

Well, the only realistic answer to this question is that they are lying.

As usual.

Because, whether or not these politicians believe that global warming is occurring as a result of our activities, the evidence clearly shows that their real Number One policy is to break apart people's close relationships and their families. And they are not going to back away from this agenda even if it causes global warming.

In other words, maintaining the onslaught against people's close relationships is far more important to them than global warming.

Well, I have provided so much evidence on this website to show that one of the Labour government's main (feminist-inspired) priorities is to damage people's close relationships, and so I will not regurgitate the evidence here.

But I just want to point you to another piece of UK legislation that has materialised over the past few days concerning women's pay, ...

Men Pay High Price For 'Equality' Hundreds of thousands of men face salary cuts of up to £15,000 to fund increases for women staff. The new pay structures are expected to lead to strikes and court action in the public sector

... Amongst other things, this is another ploy to reduce the 'value' of men - relative to women - when it comes to their relationships, and it is a way of destroying a young couple's hopes of a traditional marriage - wherein the man goes out to work and the woman stays at home with the children.

By reducing a man's pay relative to that of his partner, a couple are far less likely to be able to arrange matters along traditional lines. And, for those who do not earn very much, a man will soon have virtually no monetary value at all.

(He certainly will not be able to compete with the state handouts that are made to women.)

Indeed, the evidence demonstrating very clearly that one of the main aims of our left-wing feminist-dominated government is to destroy the relations between men, women and children just keeps mounting, and mounting, and mounting.

And nothing stands in the way of this agenda.

Not even 'global warming'.


And now I have two questions to ask all my men readers.

When, exactly, are you going to start fighting against these malicious parasites?

For how long, exactly, are you going to allow them to continue with this hateful, self-serving agenda?


But Angry Harry! What can I do? I am a nobody. A nothing.

Well, so am I.

But this does not stop me from continually going at them; in my own little way.

And if you want to defeat these scumbags and boot them out of the way, then you must do the same.

Remember: They are doing everything that they can to damage your close relationships - even those with your very own children - in order to profit themselves.

As such, you should not have the slightest qualms about doing everything in your power to defeat them; no matter how small you might be.

One Disgusting Human Being Exposed Like others before him, the DA (Michael Nifong) quickly grasped the career possibilities open to him with such a case and proceeded accordingly -- denouncing racism, and the rape and assault of a helpless black woman, and the Duke athletes guilty of these crimes in every media interview available to him (and they were many). Dorothy Rabinowitz

For all the public shock and fury over his behavior, there is little that is new or strange about Mr. Nifong. We have seen the likes of this district attorney, uninterested in proofs of innocence, willing to suppress any he found, many times in the busy army of prosecutors claiming to have found evidence of rampant child abuse in nursery schools and other child-care centers around the country in the 1980s and throughout most of the '90s. They built case after headline-making case charging the mass molestation of small children, and managed to convict scores of innocent Americans on the basis of testimony no rational mind could credit.

I felt that the above article which was printed in the Wall St Journal was so important that I lifted the whole piece and planted it in one of my blogs.

And I hope that this piece will help many of my newer readers to recognise that I am not exaggerating when I say that many of those who work in powerful positions in government are the most self-serving, corrupt, dishonourable human beings in our society.

There are thousands of people like this revolting man Michael Nifong working in government positions, and there are many thousands more who say and do nothing about them - so ambitious and greedy are they for their own self-advancement.

This man - and others like him - should be in prison - long-term. He would have happily had the Duke lacrosse players incarcerated for 30 years - knowing full well that they were innocent - in order to benefit himself.

These people need to be punished. They should not be tolerated and they should not be allowed to escape from prosecution.

Goodness knows how many men who are completely innocent of any sexual assaults have been wrongfully imprisoned because of the numerous benefits that nowadays accrue both to self-serving government officials and to malicious false accusers - many of whom clearly collaborate with malevolent intent over their cases - for mutual gain.

The Duke Three have managed to gain themselves a great deal of media publicity - largely because of their status and also, of course, because the alleged victim is clearly 'unbalanced' - but can you imagine what must be happening to so many other men who find themselves in a similar position? - such as those who have no status, and those who are up against credible false accusers?

No close media attention for them!

These men will simply find themselves in prison.

Crystal Gayle Mangum, the street walker who ruined the lives of the Duke Three, was not prosecuted. She was given counseling, and eventually graduated with a degree in police psychology.

The Night I Was Attacked By A Rapist For 12 years Abi Grant struggled with the horror of being attacked by a violent rapist .... But then new forensic evidence brought them face to face in court. Here, she relives the nightmare of the assault and her fight not to become another one of the 19 out of 20 women in Britain who see their attacker go free.

It really sickens me to see the Observer continue to disseminate this LIE that "19 out of 20 women in Britain see their attacker go free". There is no evidence for this whatsoever. The best evidence available suggests that the reason that 95% of all allegations of rape in the UK result in no conviction is because in most of these cases there was no rape.

Men Not Allowed Near Children British Airways has been accused of treating all men passengers as potential sex offenders after it was revealed it has banned children from sitting next to male strangers - even if their parents are on the same flight.

I am, however, glad to tell you that profits for BA have plunged by 27% this past year, and that they seem likely to get worse. 

I, myself, will also be campaigning for airlines to have to pay the full tax duty on the fuel that they use. And I hope that you will all join me in this whenever you chance upon the opportunity. 

At the moment, airlines are not paying the rates that everyone else has to pay. In other words, they are being subsidised by taxpayers - mostly men!

My advice to MRAs who find themselves on BA flights is to complain about everything - and to sue in the small claims court for the slightest 'damages' which might be deemed legitimate. Brits can use Money Claim Online to issue a summons with hardly any effort. It is a very effective means of seeking damages for small amounts.

The cost of making a claim is small; and if you lose, that is all that you can lose.

If you are suing a big company, however, they will have to use a lawyer - which will cost them a fortune, and so the chances are that they will not even bother to defend a claim.

I last used Money Claim when an MP3 player that I bought kept malfunctioning. My emails to the online company that sold me the player were not being responded to. So, I issued a summons.

I got all my money back within six weeks - plus the claim costs - without going to court.

Dirty Tricks The latest weapons in the campaign for control of Congress, known by names such as Google bombing and Wikipedia vandalism, have been deployed to varying effect in the US elections, which are more reliant than ever before on such techniques.

Indeed, Wikipedia has been completely infested with dragoons of feminists who have significantly altered most of the sections to do with history, sociology, psychology, the law etc. 

There are tens of thousands of women who are politically-motivated enough - and, often, well-funded enough - to re-write almost anything in order to further their odious agenda.

UK Rape Laws To Be Toughened Men who have sex with drunken women risk being found guilty of rape under proposals to increase conviction rates.

Given that the government already knows that the conviction rate actually falls the more widely that it loosens the definitions of 'rape', it is clearly the case that the real idea behind these new laws is not to increase the conviction 'rates', but to increase the number of convictions and the number of false allegations. 

And, of course, to increase the number of men dragged into the criminal courts - mostly by malicious women who are seeking to hurt them in some way and who know that they will remain anonymous.

By doing this, the government can profit from the greater inter-personal disharmony that this will cause, and the feminists can revel in the fact that it will be easier for women to be able to hurt men.

And, of course, by encouraging many more false and exaggerated allegations to take place - which, in the official statistics, will be counted as real rapes - the official rape figures will increase further (and then multiplied to account for those women who, allegedly, did not report their 'rapes') thus allowing the government and the feminists to argue for even more corruptions of the justice system, and so increase even further the amount of inter-gender disharmony that takes place.

It's win-win for both of them.

To see why the conviction rate will probably fall while the level of disharmony increases, see my piece Signing the Sex Consent Document.

Basically, however, what will happen under these new laws is that thousands of women who are feeling vindictive, for some reason or other, will suddenly recall that they had been drinking when they had sex, and so they will use these new laws as a weapon with which to hurt their partners - or they will simply threaten to do this. 

Ministers are also keen to make it easier to bring rape cases many years after the alleged incident ...

Yep; women will even be able to do this - or threaten to do this - many years after an alleged incident.

Still, who knows? - one day men might actually wake up to the fact that their own governments are their real enemies - because, quite simply, their own governments profit HUGELY by causing them problems; e.g. see The Governing Elite.

Oh look, here is the government now trying to make it more difficult for people to live together, ...

Britain's two million cohabiting couples are to be given legal rights to claim a share of property and income when the relationship breaks down.

Unmarried couples could be ordered to sell their homes, pay lump sums to each other or share pensions if they split under controversial Government reforms. The sweeping changes are expected to apply to those who have lived together for as little as two years.

On rape ...

I was quite pleased with the BBC Panorama programme on rape a few days ago. Despite the fact that it was - as usual from the BBC - very heavily biased and that it gave the impression that the low conviction rate in the UK was an indication that men were getting away with rape when, as we know, the low conviction rate is because most rape allegations are false, the various officials who spoke on the programme (with one or two exceptions - who will be hearing from a very angry me sometime soon) were very careful not to support the feminist-inspired lies. "We are looking into the reasons why there is such a low conviction rate," is what they said - very diplomatically.

This is a significant change from the kind of programme being produced even three years ago when the officials would have readily agreed that men were 'getting away with rape'.

And, yet again, in this programme we saw that women who claimed to have been raped - but who failed to get convictions - were decidedly not 'normal'. For example, one had been so drunk that she had no idea what had actually happened during her alleged rape the night before, and another one had 'mental health problems'.

Furthermore, they made it fairly clear at the beginning of the programme that the usual figures bandied about for rape in the UK are for complaints of rape, not for incidents of rape.

All in all, therefore, I was only marginally irritated by the programme.

My main complaint about it was the way in which it tried to portray sex with a drunken woman as 'rape'. The deceitful trick in the programme was to give the impression that the fact that a woman ended up virtually unconscious after a night of drinking was necessarily in such a state when she had sex. This is purposely done to give the impression that she must have been virtually unconscious at the time that the 'rape' took place.

But, as most people know, getting drunk is usually a fairly gradual process. And many of us who, for example, have drunk too much at a party, will have remained in a state of relative stupidity and silliness for many hours before finally collapsing into a drunken heap. And it is during this period of stupidity and silliness when drunken women can easily give the impression - intentionally or otherwise - that they want sex - and a drunken man who is similarly stupefied is very likely to fall for it!

But in this Panorama programme, a certain outrage was expressed because a woman - who ended up too drunk even to remember what happened the night before - failed to secure a conviction for rape against a man with whom she had sex.

Are we really supposed to imprison men on the sole testimony of women who were too drunk to remember what they did, too drunk to remember how they behaved, and too drunk to remember what, in fact, happened?


Feminist and law professor Jennifer Temkin was on the programme, and she got on my nerves with her evident bias. So I sent the following email individually to some of her legal colleagues, and I BCCed every single one of them to her.

, , , , , , ,

Dear Professor Barker

Professor Temkin appeared on the BBC's Panorama programme recently to air her views about the alleged rape epidemic that is apparently raging throughout the UK.

Given what she said, I think that it would be wise for those who are concerned with the law to study far more closely the way in which rape 'research' is conducted.

The following three articles will give you some idea of how the official 'rape' figures are calculated. And you will see from them that these figures are probably inflated by some 2000%.

The evidence suggests that there is no epidemic of rape. If anything, there is an epidemic of false accusations.

(URLs of my three main articles on rape ...)

Best wishes


"Not long now, Boys."

on Scotland no longer requiring corroboration of evidence for rape allegations ...

Dear Harry,

At the end of January, the Scottish Law Commission published a consultation document on proposed changes to Scottish rape laws. One of the proposals is that the current requirement for corroboration be removed in such cases.

As a support and campaign group based in Scotland, we are currently gathering evidence to submit to the Commission in response to this.

We would therefore like to hear from anyone whose accuser was found guilty or prosecuted for making false allegations, and whose case was based in Scotland.

Though we know from personal experience that most false accusers are never recognised as such, let alone punished, for the purposes of the consultation response, we must limit ourselves to cases where this has been proved.

If anyone wishes to assist us in preventing this new proposal to further undermine Scottish criminal justice from becoming law, please contact us, Penny or David via our website 


Penny Campbell

on those other organisms that I rarely talk about ...

Hi Harry

In your reply to S's email yousay that 

"I am extremely confident about destroying this monstrous organism of man-hatred - bar, that is, some extreme disaster - because there are so many other organisms that will have a bearing on the matter that are moving and/or growing in the right direction - and most of these I have never talked about or I have only referenced them obliquely." 

Can you please give me a taste of wht you mean or is this a secret for some reason?


Hello K

Well, 'secret' is too strong a word. It's more a case of not wanting to confuse the hoi polloi - LOL!

But, if you want a 'taste', here is a taste.

1. Women being 'encouraged' to go out to work is actually going to backfire on women, because they will end up working very hard indeed. For example, if women earn 'good' money then men will expect them to go out to work more, and, of course, their own children will expect the same. The pressures on them will just increase. And most men will not, in fact, undertake much more in the way of childcare in order to compensate women for this extra workload. In other words, feminist-induced government policies - coupled with the growing activism of the men's movement - will eventually turn women into fulltime work-horses.

2. Having more women politicians in parliament - especially women who will undoubtedly be ***far*** less able than the men (for statistical reasons; e.g. see the second section of A Permanent Gender War?) - will simply help to undermine the whole of government - which, therefore, will lose even more of its perceived legitimacy. 

It would be a bit like having women playing in the men's national football teams. As they continually mess things up on the field, the public will begin to resent them and will gradually lose interest in the whole game.

In other words, more women politicians -> less power for government.

Furthermore, as more of those men who work for government get fed up with, for example, the promotion of decidedly inferior women at the expense of those men who really do deserve promotion (something which is evidently happening on a large scale in, for example, the UK police forces) then those men working for government will begin to throw their weight behind the men's movement.

3. Women actually need men far more than men need women. Apart from carrying and caring for youngsters, the same is true for society as a whole. As such, and generally speaking, it must therefore be the case that the greater is the gender divide, the more will women lose out relative to men. At the moment it might not seem this way, because of the many and various discriminatory interventions of government; but these will soon be dealt with; e.g. as per arising from 2. above and from the 'increasing downfall of the more powerful' - which continues to occur.

Well, the above are just three examples. But there are many more that I could give. And another reason that I do not talk about such things very much is that I am more than happy to see these various groups undermining themselves.

Best wishes


female prison suicides ...

Dear Newsnight Team

I see that you are doing **yet another** report on female suicides in prisons.

Given that five times more men in prison commit suicide than women, do you not feel even remotely embarrassed by your **blatant** prejudices in this area?


Belfort Bax (1), written in 1908 ...

It is a common saying of the legal profession that multitudes of husbands allow judgments to go against them by default, as they are quite conscious that no man not of absolutely angelic character - unless he be himself a lawyer - has any chances before a prejudiced pro-feminist judge and jury.

For more pieces written by Belfort Bax, and by many other lofty intellectuals of the past, go to Thomas' splendid Men's Tribune website.

Women - beasts of burden.

Why did the men of the past not collude together and both breed and 'domesticate' women in much the same way that they did with cows and horses?

Why is it that women were not penned up in stables and treated like beasts of burden?

It would not be that hard to do, surely?

So, what stopped men from doing this?

This might sound like a silly question, but, on the contrary, no feminist can answer this question without fundamentally contradicting the ESSENTIAL basis of feminism; viz, that men have always oppressed women.

Try to answer the question yourself and see where it leads you.

Better still, ask a feminist, demand that she answers you - and then watch her squirm.

(Also see Men have Bred Dogs and Cattle. Why Not Women?)


A term of abuse typically used by narcissistic empty-headed women who are simply trying to stymie any legitimate criticism of themselves - often because they believe that women are so superior that they should never be criticised.

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. Albert Einstein

The InFighter's Guide to Divorce (in the UK) by Richard Marsden - excellent book (AH)

Interview with Bernard Chapin

Heretical Sex Best Of

Fathers For Life contains a goldmine of detailed information for those researching social and gender issues.

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The Benefits of Reading Angry Harry ..



President Bush still wishes to stop people who are seriously ill and dying from having access to medical marijuana and to other drugs that would reduce significantly much of their perfectly horrible suffering ...

... drugs which are, in fact, already consumed by millions of people throughout the world.

Bush could allow very sick people to have access to drugs that would alleviate their suffering enormously.

These are his very own people!

But he would rather see them suffer and die horribly than allow them to consume a leaf.

As such, please think very carefully about what people like Bush must really be like at their core.

Do you really want such people having so much power over you and your loved ones?

Also see, The Evils of Cannabis to see what some leading medical experts say, the War on Drugs, and the Scum Of The Earth.


Belfort Bax (2), written in 1908 ...

No man can obtain a divorce except by a terribly expensive process in the High Court at a minimum charge of forty pounds. This means a denial of justice to the vast bulk of the male population. [However,] Any woman, by the asking for it, can get a summary separation and confiscation of her husband's property, and an order for her maintenance out of his earnings from the nearest police court. ... This process, which costs only a few shillings, the husband has to pay for.

But divorce or no divorce, the wife's property, where ever acquired, cannot he touched. There is no question here of interfering with her "earnings" though she be an opera singer with £40,000 a year.

Similarly with her capitalised property, which, though man-acquired, as usual, cannot be touched.

... No matter how flagrant her conduct, the wildest dream never suggested that the wife's "earnings" - no matter how exorbitant - should ever be touched for the benefit even of her

That a portion should be sequestrated for the maintenance of the husband - even though a husband is incapacitated by disease or accident - of course would be a barbarous suggestion, hardly to be discussed outside Bedlam [a famous insane asylum.]

... A working man, earning eighteen or twenty shillings a week, is calmly ordered to provide twelve shillings a week, for life, for the keep of a clamorous and malignant shrew.

The denial to the working man of the same facilities for summary separation, through the police court, granted to every brawling wife who chooses to ask for it, simply means that the man is in a state of legal subjection to his wife.

The wife has but to scream and appeal to the nearest policeman, and prison, separation, custody of children, and maintenance, are decreed as matters of course.

A woman can habitually repudiate her duties, neglect her children, pawn her husband's and children's clothes, waylay her husband at his work, and disgrace him before his friends, procure his dismissal, assault him, and there is no remedy open to the working man.

To tell him that he can appeal to the Divorce Court at a cost of forty pounds, is a piece of savage and scornful irony.

He might as well be told that he can, if he has the money, promote a private Act of Parliament, at the cost of some thousand pounds.

If goaded by intolerable misery, he so far forgets himself as to strike his torturer, he is sent to gaol, with his condemnation headed ''A cowardly brute.''

The special facilities for women to obtain divorce, separation, confiscation of the husband's property, do
not end with the provision of a cheap and expeditious Court for women alone. If the woman elects to go to the Divorce Division of the High Court, the path is made similarly smooth for her. Her unfortunate husband, who may afterwards be held to be quite guiltless of the lying charges brought against him, is ordered to find money for her solicitors, and has to pay in advance!! He must also pay her alimony pendente lite [during the litigation].

Then when he is dragged to Court by a heartless and vindictive woman, he finds the scales still more heavily weighted against him.

The rules might be  formulated somewhat in this way:--

1. Every woman's statement complaining of her husband is assumed to he true until he conclusively proves it to be false. burden of proof is on him and the difficulty he has to face is that of proving a negative.

2. The slightest harshness or even carelessness of speech or behaviour, no matter under what provocation (the records of years being searched to find one) is absolutely final proof of "cruelty" if committed by the husband. [But] No amount of insolence and brutality--short of actual attempt to maim--is cruelty in a wife. Anything she does is a pardonable exhibition of feminine temper.

3. The husband and his witnesses are prosecuted for perjury on the slightest inaccuracy being discerned in their narration of facts. Deliberate perjury is passed over if committed by the wife, her paramour, or her witnesses.

4. No charge, no matter of what infamous crime, falsely made by a wife against a husband, is a ground for his refusing to take her back. If he should refuse the Court confiscates for her benefit as much of his property or earnings as they think fit.

Belfort Bax 1908




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