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Harriet Harman 

Harriet Harman 

Dishonest and Deceitful 


Harman Claims F4J Stunts Are "Vile" In parliament, Ms Harman condemned the pressure group, agreeing with Labour MP Anne Moffat that their "vile" stunts did their case "absolutely no good".

Ardent feminist and man-hater Harriet Harman has the nerve to suggest that the two F4J activists sitting on a roof are engaged in 'vile' stunts.

And yet, this is a woman who applauds and praises the suffragettes! - a group of women who smashed shop windows, damaged artwork, tied themselves to railings and issued white feathers to men to label them as cowards if they were not in the military.

Two men sitting on a roof!

A 'vile' stunt! 

Tell me - all you women out there - which would be more important to you - having a vote every four years, or being able to see your children?

Harriet Harman seems to have spent a lifetime inflaming hatred towards men. In other words, she is a stirrer up of hatred towards an entire group people.

She has been caught deceiving the public over domestic violence and sex-assault issues.

In other words, she is a liar.

Harriet Harman is also a cheat - as evidenced by the fact that she hid from her own colleagues the huge amount of money that she was putting in towards her campaign for deputy leadership of the Labour Party.

Harriet Harman also kills people - as demonstrated by her support of the bombing campaign over Iraq which maimed and killed many innocent men, women and children.

And yet Harriet Harman has the audacity to claim that two men sitting peacefully on a roof is a 'vile' stunt.

This woman is truly sickening.

Surely, people should keep asking themselves how it is that such a disgusting woman has remained in high office for so long.

And the answer to this question is really quite simple.

Harriet Harman is not much different from most of the other Labour politicians who have been sitting in government these past many years.

These people are corrupt to the core.

They are self-serving, greedy, dishonest, and highly ambitious. They will do anything to remain in power.

And they will do this even if it means messing up your entire life.

Please wake up.

[Note: Since I wrote this piece, more than 100 Labour politicians have been caught up in the UK's expenses scandal - wherein Labour politicians were discovered, basically, stealing money by making false claims for expenses.]

Finally, getting back to this thoroughly obnoxious woman, Harriet Harman, it is quite clearly the case that, in her mind, the right for a woman to vote every four years or so - a single vote which is almost worthless in the scheme of things - is actually more important than the right for a father to see his own children;  and vice-versa.

That is a true indication of how much she hates men. That is a true indication of how worthless she considers men to be.

In her eyes, a man is so unimportant that even being with his own children is actually worth less than a woman having the right to one, single, almost worthless vote every few years.

The latter entitles women - the suffragettes - to cause mayhem and destruction - something which Harriet Harman applauds - but the former does not entitle men even to sit peacefully on a roof - something which Harriet Harman considers to be 'vile'.

But, surely, there is not a normal man or woman in this country who would believe that having a single vote every few years is more important than being with one's own children. 

So how on Earth does Harriet Harman get away with this?

Well, I'll tell you.

There are two reasons.

1. As a result of the hatred towards men that the activities of feminists like Harriet Harman have inspired in the public over the years, men like you really are considered to be well and truly worthless.

2. Most of you men reading this are utterly pathetic.


The suffragettes ...

... burned down churches as the Church of England was against what they wanted; 

... vandalised Oxford Street, breaking most of the windows in the street; 

... chained themselves to Buckingham Palace as the Royal Family were seen to be against women having the right to vote; 

... hired out boats, sailed up the Thames and shouted abuse through loud hailers at Parliament as it sat; 

... refused to pay their taxes

... vandalised golf courses

... attacked politicians as they went to work and firebombed their homes.  

But two men sitting peacefully on a roof because they cannot see their own children is a 'vile' stunt according to Harriet Harman.

most of you reading this are probably thicker than two short planks,

Now, I know that most of you reading this are probably thicker than two short planks, and you cannot understand what I am saying, but, make no mistake, this revolting woman really does believe that a father's right to see his own children - and they, him - is worth less than the right of a woman to cast an almost insignificant vote every four years.

Both her words and her actions demonstrate very clearly that this is the case.

Harriet Harman is pis#ing all over you. 

And laughing about it.

According to the newspapers, she was recently making jokes about men leaving the country because of her reputation. For example, ...

Joking at her reputation as a feminist, she replied, "all the men would want to flee the country". She then went on to praise Mr Brown as a man of "true grit". 

But she blasted as "vile" the protest by dads' rights campaigners on the roof of her South London home yesterday
. Link

So. There you have it.

She is part of a government that is stopping thousands of fathers and children from seeing each other - indeed, doing her very best to break down their relationships on many fronts - and she is having a good laugh about it.

More About Man-Hater Harriet Harman In an extraordinary interview published yesterday, she declared marriage was 'irrelevant' to public policy and described high rates of separation as a 'positive development', as it reflected 'greater choice' for couples - never mind the children. Leo McKinstry

If nothing else, Harman can be credited with consistency. Neither the facts nor the passage of time have changed her mind. She was preaching this dangerous gospel of feminist fascism when she was first elected to Parliament in 1982. 

When I came to work for her as a parliamentary aide in the early Nineties, Harman was questioning whether fathers were necessary at all. 

... She could also be odd about money. At one stage she decided to employ a media negotiator to enhance her earnings from routine broadcast appearances - unheard of in Whitehall. 

It was a tactic that backfired when an outraged ITV company leaked to the Press her substantial demand for a fee. The negotiator was no more

... I have become increasingly disillusioned. I can now see what aggravates so many people about her: the politically correct condescension; smug self-certainty despite a record of incompetence; the whiff of born-to-rule arrogance; the attachment to the shibboleths of multi-culturalism and feminism.

But Harriet's greatest vice - and there are many - is her hypocrisy.

Fathers are an irrelevance.

Got that?

(But, of course, her children have a father.)

Marriage is 'irrelevant'.

Got that?

(But, in fact, she is married.)

And a high rate of relationship and marriage breakdown is, according to Harriet Harman, a "positive development".

Got that?

(She is actually admitting that she sees broken families as a "positive development".)

In other words, she actually wants to see more families break down.

So. Is it finally sinking into your empty heads - at last - that Harriet Harman and her 'socialist' cronies in government really are doing their level best to break down families? And, further, that they are doing this both purposely and consciously.

Breaking down families is their intention.

Breaking down families is their intention.

Watch Her Technique

Harriet Harman's Mad Sex War She was restored to a robotic half-life once Labour came to power solely to implement the already outdated agenda of bashing men and all their work. Melanie Phillips

In my piece entitled Self Harm, I pointed out that it is now being accepted by official feminist-dominated governmental bodies - such as the UN and the WHO - that nobody should be concerned about the fact that men nowadays live some five years less than women.

You can hear Harriet Harman endorsing this highly misandric point of view in - if you can believe it - her interview concerning the new Equality Bill - which can be heard in full here.

I quote Ms Harman ...

"Although, generally speaking, women live longer than men, we actually have a situation now, where better off men live longer than poorer women ... "

... and she then uses this alleged fact to talk about the need for greater health 'equality' between the rich and the poor.

But, notice two things.

1. She makes no attempt to suggest that something should be done to address the fact that women live longer than men.

 Her aim, as ever, is to ensure that men are discriminated against at every turn.

As mentioned on this website numerous times, Harriet Harman's notion of equality has nothing to do with 'equality'. Her aim, as ever, is to ensure that men are discriminated against at every turn. And the fact that men die some five years earlier than women has got nothing to do with 'equality' as far as Harriet Harman is concerned.

2. If you look at her words (above) you will see that she pits "better off men" against "poorer women". She does not address the point that "better off women" live longer than "poorer women" - which is what she should be pointing out if she really was addressing the issue of 'poverty'.

And she does this to ensure that her audience is outraged at "better off men" - despite that fact that better off women actually live the longest lives of all.

But this latter fact, she does not want to bring to the public's attention. So she does not mention it.

And, most glaring of all, she does not mention those who are the most worst off of all - "the poorer men".

In summary: The only time that the word 'men' is mentioned is when the men are "better off", and the only time that the word 'women' is mentioned is when the women are "poorer" - even though "better off women" are actually more better off than the "better off men", and even though "poorer men" are actually worse off than "poorer women".

Now, all of this is no slip of the tongue. It is not the result of a casual way of addressing the issues. We know this, because Harriet Harman does this sort of thing all the time - unfailingly.

Harriet Harman positively hates men, and she knows that she can get female votes by stirring up this hatred.

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