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Some BBC Propaganda Tricks

Rape Laws Unjust Judges have attacked government reforms aimed at preventing rape victims being questioned in court over their sexual history as "fundamentally flawed".

Take note of the image that the BBC has chosen to use within the body of this article - displayed on the right - despite the fact that the story is about judges claiming that the laws are unfair on the men in rape cases.

It is the men who are identified as the victims by the judges.

But it is still women that the BBC chooses to portray as the victims!

As I have often said, the BBC does not allow 'men' to be victims. They must remain hidden as best as possible.

Notice also how short is the article. There is not even a hint that this is something worth looking at too closely.

Gross injustices against men are willfully ignored by the BBC.

But if the judges were saying that women were being treated unfairly by the law, the BBC would have put the story right up in the headlines with a mass of detail to show people how poorly were women being treated.

Experts and academics would have been quoted on the matter

Experts and academics would have been quoted on the matter. And they would also publish individual stories to pull at the public's heart strings.

Notice also how the above image of an alleged rape victim accompanying the article is the thing mostly likely to stick in the minds of people.

Notice also the caption to it: "Government reforms were aimed at reducing rape victims' trauma."

The message is that the nasty judges do not care about rape victims. The message is that the good feminist-controlled Labour government was only aiming to reduce the trauma to rape victims. But this story is about judges claiming that men are treated badly by the system. It has got nothing to do with women being victims.

But, as is customary, the BBC is just trying to stop the public from receiving the message from the judges that men are being treated badly by the justice system.

It does this kind of thing all the time.

Now, have a look at this piece by the BBC concerning the bogus gender wage gap ...


Wage Gap Commission Women's rights to equal pay and a fair deal in the workplace are to be championed by a new commission, the prime minister has said.

... Notice how long and detailed is the piece in comparison to the previous piece about the injustices against male defendants in sex-assault cases.

Notice also that the final paragraph contains a downright lie - allegedly made by a female politician - and that the BBC purposely ends on a note that is designed to promote male hatred. Here it is ...

Liberal Democrat Jenny Tonge said it was "quite disgraceful" women were still paid less despite outperforming men in education for decades.

This is completely untrue.

The truth is that even today, men are still, on average, more qualified than are women - because it was not until the 80's that younger women began to catch up with their similarly-aged male counterparts.

In other words, the older generation of working men - such as my good self - are far more qualified on average than are their similarly-aged female counterparts.

And those men who are some ten years younger than my good self - who is 52 - are considerably more qualified on average than their similarly-aged female counterparts

Furthermore, while it remains the case that men are more motivated to earn money and climb career ladders than are women, there will always be a so-called gender wage gap. But this will not be due to discrimination, it will be due to the fact that men work harder in the workplace. As such, this male hatred being continually promoted by the feminists over the bogus wage gap will never go away!


Let us look at why this is the case.

For the sake of argument, just imagine for the moment that, currently, school cleaners are all women and street cleaners are all men.

The tax-funded hate stirrers at the Equal Opportunities Commission discover that school cleaners get paid less than street cleaners, and so they force, by law, school cleaners to be paid the same as street cleaners.

What will happen is this.

More men will want to become school cleaners because there is no point in them doing all the heavy work involved in street cleaning given that the pay is now the same.

The number of street cleaners will fall.

The demand for street cleaners will rise.

The pay for street cleaners will rise.


The number of school cleaners will rise.

The demand for school cleaners will fall.

The pay for school cleaners will fall.

And so we end up back at Square One, as men, once again, troop off to become street cleaners in order to earn more money.

In other words, there is never going to be a solution to this bogus wage gap problem. And feminists are forever going to engender male hatred over this issue in pursuit of an impossible goal.

the feminist-inspired myth that women are paid less than men for the same work is risible

And, of course, in the commercial world, the feminist-inspired myth that women are paid less than men for the same work is risible; because if this was true then the men would soon be booted out of their jobs and replaced by the cheaper women.

Shareholders and management would hardly tolerate employing more expensive workers when cheaper ones were available. They would be committing commercial suicide if they failed to employ the 'cheaper' women while other companies rushed to do so.

Anyway. Here is just one example demonstrating why women do not climb so high in the workplace as men, statistically speaking; ...

Up to half of all single mothers do not want to work

Up to half of all single mothers do not want to work and simply will not take jobs, a report has found

The analysis said Labour will never achieve its goal of persuading large numbers of lone parents to abandon a life on benefits because a huge proportion of them simply refuse to do so.

Furthermore, of course, the majority of these feminist women know damn well that men are far more motivated in the workplace than are women, and they know damn well that it is the choices of women that account for much of the wage gap, but, as per the BBC article above, they do not mention any of this.

In other words, they have no intention of engaging the public with any reasonable discussion concerning the wage gap.


Well. This is because their main intention, quite clearly, is to use the issue to stir up hatred towards men - not to solve the wage gap problem.

Their desire to promote male hatred is the core that unites them.

There is nothing that binds logically the various ideas contained in the rhetoric of these women - except the desire to hurt men. Their desire to promote male hatred is the core that unites them.

And if you still cannot see this, just consider for the moment that the feminist-indoctrinated politicians (e.g. as mentioned in the above BBC article) never even admit to the possibility that at least part of the wage gap is due to women's choices.

In other words, they have absolutely no intention of dealing with this issue in a way that does not demonise men.

For example, they could urge women to help close the wage gap themselves by taking their work more seriously and putting more effort into it.

Why do they not do this? - given that they know that it is women themselves who are at least partly responsible for the alleged wage gap?

Well. The answer is that they want to generate male hatred. And they do not want to mute this hatred by suggesting that women themselves might have something to do with the problem.

And when you understand that the real motivation behind the women's movement is fuelled almost purely by male hatred, then what has been going on for the past 30 years begins to make sense.


You still think that I am exaggerating, eh?

OK. Then have a look at this piece by Melanie Phillips entitled The BBC and Gender Fascism. It gives some insight into how the feminists at the BBC feel about men as they go about trying to destroy Valentine's Day - the day in which men and women are supposed to declare their special love for each other - by devoting hours and hours of programming to domestic violence.

But this special love is something that these emotionally-twisted permanently-enraged men-hating wimmin at the BBC just do not understand. And it is something which makes them so envious that they become determined to destroy it for everyone.

"If I cannot have this special kind of love - whatever it is - then I will destroy it so that no-one else can have it!"

And this, for example, also explains many of the famous quotes made by feminists.

All sex is rape. All men are rapists. Women need men like a fish needs a bicycle.

Etc Etc Etc.

One of their main aims is to destroy the special relationships between men and women

One of their main aims is to destroy the special relationships between men and women (because they do not understand them and can never have them) and the method that they mostly use to do this is to stir up hatred in women towards men - often by claiming that men are cheating them in some way.

And if you still think that I am exaggerating, then just keep asking yourself this question.

Why should the feminist-dominated BBC choose to highlight domestic violence against women over the Valentine Day period? - as opposed to any other part of the year.

What makes them disseminate volumes of male hatred during this particular time when men and women are supposed to be feeling romantic about one another?

Well. The answer is very simple.

They simply do not want women ever to feel so positive about the men with whom they are intimately involved - and so, during this period, they do their very best to demonise those men and to whip up hatred towards them.

And it is not just on Valentines Day that the BBC tries to sour the relationships between men and women who are intimately involved with each other.

On Christmas Day, the BBC's  most heavily promoted programme for some years has been a soap opera called Eastenders, where viewers are treated to storylines infested with sex-assault and domestic violence.

Indeed, here is the BBC's own description of one of their special Christmas Day episodes ...

Kat finds Kelly but shes too late. Zoes done a runner. Roxy beat up Kelly to find out where Zoe ran off to. Kelly tells Kat where Zoe is.

Trevor pushes Mos face in her Christmas dinner. He knocks the plate to the floor, and throws his wife into it, making her eat the turkey.

Trevor breaks down and apologises. Little Mos covered in gravy but she forgives him. She assures him that hell make a wonderful father one day.

Trevor discovers Little Mos contraceptive pills. Hes furious and he beats her up.

Yep: This is Christmas viewing from the BBC.

the BBC actually admits that many of its 'social campaigns' are orchestrated

In summary, the BBC spends tens of millions of pounds annually stirring up male hatred. It does this via its chat shows, its drama productions and through its news departments. Indeed, the BBC actually admits that many of its 'social campaigns' are orchestrated throughout many of its various departments (News, Drama, Chat etc) in order to have the maximum effect.

That's right, Guys. For maximum effect, the BBC orchestrates and disseminates man-hatred throughout all its programming categories.

It admits to doing this.

The Ambitions of Women A staggering 63% of girls would rather be glamour models than nurses, doctors or teachers, according to the survey by mobile entertainment providers www.thelab.tv.

But, of course, men will be blamed for their lack of success in the workplace.

Newsreader Attacks Women Broadcasters Newsreader Michael Buerk has said "almost all the big jobs in broadcasting are held by women" who "decide what we see and hear".

The allegedly impartial BBC was clearly upset that George Bush won the 2004 election in America.

With reference to President Bush himself ... 

"You are a lazy, bellicose, stupid fundamentalist who gives Christians a bad name." 

And with reference to the people who voted for him ... 

"And you try not to stereotype all Americans and say they are all stupid and vain and ignorant and Americo-centric, but then they do something like that [vote in Bush] and you just think 'Oh no! Just stop playing up to your stereotype'." Jeremy Hardy 5/11/04
Misandric Water Advert - as aired by the BBC during prime-time viewing - 6:30 pm. (Link now defunct)

Yep; the BBC even pushes our youngsters towards the view that kicking men in the balls is funny.

In fact, you can see the BBC doing this sort of thing almost every day - particularly when it comes to such things as making jokes about men being raped in prison or being 'Bobbitted'.

I and others have complained to the BBC about such things on numerous occasions.

And their answer, if any, is usually of the type that, "We have not had any other complaints."

I almost forgot.

Here is the feminist-dominated BBC promoting the view that men - all men - are parasites.

Yep. Parasites. ... 

Steve Jones - A Parasite? Bryan Sykes - A Sh*t?

Yet another example of the BBC bias against men ...

The recent finding that men are more intelligent than women is described in this BBC report. Notice that the BBC creates the means for people to object to this notion by posting selected emails from the public that try to discredit it.

Notice, however, that when an MP recently suggested the very opposite - viz; that women are cleverer than men - the BBC did not provide the means for the public to comment.

The BBC will always try to scupper any argument which suggests that men might be 'better' than women in any given way, but it will always try to bolster any argument that suggests the opposite.

(Also see my own article on the matter - Men are More Intelligent than Women.)

One of my many complaints to the BBC ...

Many Deaths In Iraq At least 35 people have been killed in a car bomb attack on a kerosene tanker in the mainly Shia district of Sadr City in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

Read the article, and you will discover that no 'men' were killed.

Anyway; here is my official complaint sent to the BBC ...


Throughout the day, the BBC News has spoken about this bomb attack on Ramadan as being one wherein 'women were mostly killed' or wherein 'many women were killed'.

Well, excuse me; but were no 'men' killed?

Well, Yes, they were; but the BBC is concerned only to highlight the gender of the victims when they are women. When they are men, their gender is hidden by referring to them as 'Iraqis' or 'soldiers' or 'people' - or, in fact, just about anything that they can think of in order to avoid using the word 'men'.

Furthermore, I do not think that I have ever heard the BBC describe a bombing as a situation wherein 'more men were killed'.

Tell me; what is so special about women?

Are their lives more important than the lives of men?

But, more importantly, why is the BBC so concerned to hide the deaths of 'men'?


the BBC is one of the biggest media frauds in history.

Indeed, the BBC is one of the biggest media frauds in history. It is almost unbelievable how it manages to get away with portraying itself as an impartial independent news organisation when, in fact, it has to be one of the most politically biased and socially prejudiced organisations on the planet.

You know. One notion that you will forever keep coming across when talking to typical women who support feminism is that men and women 'being equal' does not mean that they are 'the same'. No, Sir. It simply means that they are 'equal in value'.

Well, if feminists believe that men and women are equal in value, why is the feminist-controlled BBC always attempting to hide the fact that men are the victims of anything, and always attempting to highlight the fact that women are the victims of something?

In other words, why does the BBC value women so much more than men?

The truth is that the feminists and their lackey boys who run the BBC are, amongst other things, fundamentally dishonest people. They will claim to the public that they believe that men and women are of equal value. But, hidden behind the scenes, they are forever beavering away to promote the very opposite point of view, and, hence, to bring this about in reality.

In other words, they are fundamentally dishonest people.

And fundamentally dishonest people can never be trusted with regard to anything that they might say.

Advert Pulled For Trivialising Violence Against A Man! A television advert that 'trivialised' domestic violence has been banned after a flood of complaints from viewers.

The commercial for MFI shows a couple rowing after the man leaves a toilet seat up. The woman yells, You've done it again, haven't you? before slapping him twice.


However, let us not get too complacent.

A few days ago I made the mistake of leaving on the TV set in the kitchen - tuned to BBC2 - while cooking the dinner.

A 'comedy' series starring the increasingly unfunny Steve Coogan called Saxondale began to air.

Within ten minutes, viewers were being treated to jokes about male prison rape.

The plot is this.

Saxondale (Steve Coogan) might get sent to prison for failing to pay his fare on the train.

"Better shave your beard," says an apparently dim-witted female social worker, "because it can be used as a 'handle'," (i.e. while being raped).


"Better cut your hair too," says his dim-witted sidekick.


"It's best to shave your whole body so that you are smooth all over," says the dim-witted social worker, "so that when you are covered with vaseline, you might be able to slip away."


But, as most of you will appreciate by now, the BBC is always very keen to downplay, to hide, or to make humour out of, any type of violence against men.

Anyway. Here is my email to Coogan's website, ...

Jokes about prison rape make me sick; you W*NKER.

Short and sweet!



The above video shows how the mainstream media orchestrate various campaigns - 3 min.

In this particular case, through numerous TV programmes, Fox tries to indoctrinate its viewers to be fearful of Global Warming.

And the point to understand here is this.

The vast majority of Fox's viewers will not be aware that the programmes that they are watching are purposely infused with political propaganda.

By viewing the above video, one can perhaps more readily see how it is that, for decades, the politically-corrected and the feminists have successfully managed to control people's views on various topics.

These people had control over nearly all of the mainstream media - and there was no internet to counteract their forces.

Indeed, and for example, it is still the case that a large percentage of Hollywood films currently doing the rounds have at least one or two scenes wherein some man is being - or said to be - domestically-violent towards some woman and wherein it is somehow suggested that beating him up, or shooting him, is the right thing to do.

Thus, for example again, you might think that you are simply watching a thriller, but, far more likely, you are watching a thriller which contains a number of political messages that someone wants to sink into your head.

And they will want to achieve this without you realising it.

No. Not all programmes and films in the mainstream media do this.

But a very large percentage of them do.

And the programmes of some organisations such as the BBC are so heavily spattered with PC/feminist propaganda that they really are quite embarrassing to watch.

the final shot is of the female officer kicking one of the thugs where it hurts.

Indeed, throughout this past week, the BBC has been heavily advertising a new TV crime series called Ashes To Ashes. The 30-second preview basically consists of two badass police officers (one male, one female - yeah, right) forcing their way into some nightclub in order to arrest three thugs. And the final shot is of the female officer kicking one of the thugs where it hurts.

Over and over again, throughout the evening, this preview is shunted on to the screen.

And, as regular readers of this site will already know, time and time again, the BBC keeps promoting the idea that kicking men in the balls is both a funny and acceptable thing to do; e.g. see Gavin Esler - Newsnight Presenter & Poodle-Boy.

So, be warned. Your friendly TV stations are very much controlling your mind and the minds of your loved ones.

Also see, ...

BBC Injects Political Correctness Even Into Science Programmes



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